Friday, March 03, 2006

California Deli 

I went to scout the new California Delicatessen, in the Jewish Community Center. I tried the chopped liver sandwich, the corned tongue sandwich and the Israeli avocado salad. The corned tongue sandwich was a disaster. I was asked for what kind of bread, and I said rye, and indeed, that's all I got: rye bread and corned tongue. Maybe that's the way it's supposed to be, I did not grow up with the stuff, but brother, could you spare a leaf of lettuce or a slice of tomato? For almost $10, it was the most depressing sandwich ever. Ok, there was a pickle but I ate it first. There was a horseradish mustard in a little container, but I did not see it. The chopped liver sandwich too was only bread and chopped liver, but the chopped liver is mixed with mayo, so it is not as bare. As for the avocado salad: it was decent, with lots of walnut and celeri and red leaf lettuce. Not enough avocado to my taste (or at least to command the $8.50 price), but it's SF, so it's par for the course. I mention the place here as it won't make it to my SFist post, I'm pretty sure I won't be back.

That experience is not unusual for a "deli sandwich". However, chopped liver mixed with mayo is. Where I come from that's a big no-no, as my friend who asked for mayo and cheese on their pastrami sandwich at the 2nd Ave Deli could tell you.
Haddock: I did not look too close, so I might be wrong on the mayo. Cheese is a big no-no as you don't ever mix dairy with meat in a deli. Mayo, I don't see why not?

So you're answering my question: I got the sandwich the way it's supposed to be. Nothing wrong about the place, it's just not for me. Since they sell a pound of meat for the price of the sandwich ($9.95), my strategy would be to just buy the corned tongue, and make the sandwich at home to my taste. And I can make two for the same price.
Funny. Sliced meat between bread is the New York style. If everything's fresh (and slathered with brown mustard), it shouldn't be dry at all. Just head to Katz's Deli in New York and trust me, you won't be disappointed.

I'd stear clear of a place called 'California Deli' because I'd be worried that they would put sprouts or avocado or some nonsense on the thing.
Jackson: they are doing it the right way, you can go there. Me, I did not know what to expect, haven't been to NY delis, and love my sprout in my sandwich. So I was bored with that sandwich. But again, it's not them, it's me. As deli go, I'm sure it's decent, I'm just not the right person to make a judgement.
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