Friday, March 10, 2006

Chron Washington Bureau 

Here's Chronicle Washington Bureau Chief Marc Sandalow's money quote in today's Chron, about -who else?- Democrats: "They are full of s -- ," said Zogby, himself a Democrat.

Yep, Marc Sandalow actually blames the Dubai port deal not going through on Democrats, never mind that near unanimous (and thus bipartisan) 62-2 vote to block it in the House, it's all them nasty Dems' fault. Republicans were cowed to vote against "sound policy" because the Democrats shenanigans would hurt them at the next election. Because Republicans are all for "sound policy" when not strayed away by Democrats, or so Sandalow thinks.

Full of shit: Marc Sandalow.

[update: on the front page of the Wall Street journal today (graciously given to all caltrain riders this week- no link as it is not freely available on-line) an article on the same subject. Titled "Dubai firm bows to public outcry," the first two paragraphs mention how Lou Dobbs on CNN and Michael Savage, neither a liberal lily, did not like the deal. Paragraph 3: The broadcasts helped set off a grass-roots brushfire that quickly consumed lawmakers in Washington. The journalists, Greg Hitt and Sarah Ellison, do not blame Democrats, do not hurl epithets at Democrats, do not accuse Democrats of putting oil on the fire of xenophobic anxieties, just present facts without partisan bias. Congrats to the Wall Street journal, and shame on the Chronicle]

Wow, that's a particularly bad one. Good catch, good post.
It was so refreshing to read the WSJ and not read SPIN!
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