Friday, April 21, 2006


You buy a plane ticket at www.travelocity.com which leaves on a Monday. You buy the ticket 12 days prior to departure. On the day of your purchase, Travelocity calls you and tells you: "we're sorry, for this destination, it is a paper ticket, so we will fedex it to you." Eight days elapse, and you haven't received the ticket. You call travelocity at their 7 days/24hrs hotline. The hotline has been outsourced to India, but not the ticketing office. The hotline person cannot help you because it does not have access to the ticketing office database. Said person asks you to call back in 4 hours. You call back the day after. "Neil" does not have any more clue regarding the whereabouts of the ticket. "Neil" tells you to call back in 4 hours. It is now Friday, and you are leaving on Monday. You express to "Neil" anxiety that you won't be able to receive a parcel the next day, even if they manage to ship it. Four hour later, you are calling again, and the person tells you: we have fedexed the ticket. You ask the person: I see the tracking number, I see a delivery time at 12pm. What if I am not home. The person replies: there are still 3 days to pick up the packet! You explain to this person that, out of the 3 days, the Monday is not really an option to pick up the ticket at FedEx office, since you are leaving at 8am. Explain that on Sundays, FedEx office is most likely closed. There is only tomorrow. You re-ask the question: what if I am not home? The person tells you that you will pick up the parcel on Saturday then! Assume you had other plans for your Saturday. You are convinced that, since the parcel will be in the truck, it won't be available for pick up at your convenience at the fedex office anyway. How will you get the ticket? Will you be able to catch your plane? Will you ever purchase something from travelocity without checking orbitz twice?

The most amazing part is: if you hadn't called, midly worried, on Thursday night, the ticket would never have been shipped! If there is a Meredith post next Wednesday, it means that The Epic Ticket Battle has been lost.

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