Monday, October 30, 2006

Sandalow's Undivided Love: Republicans Talking Points. 

Marc Sandalow cannot write Democrats with the adjective "divided" lurking in the sentence. It's a Republican talking point which his stamped in his mind as an eagle on a quarter.

So what is his "angle" when he describes what would hypothetically happen if the Dems were to re-gain the majority in the house. You bet: they would face a tug-of-war in their own tent.

Sandalow has already projected that the Democrats would be corrupt, with no substance to the claim whatsoever, so divided is the least he could do.

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how about this OPENING PARAGRAPH from today's (11/6/06) article re pelosi:

"The Bianca ballroom of [New Britain, Conn.] is 3,003 miles from the corner of Haight and Ashbury, and judging from the ceiling-length mirrors, the pink Venetian blinds, and the ziti and meatballs being served from tin tubs Sunday, it may be even farther culturally. Yet there was Nancy Pelosi..."

has this guy ever been to north beach? or the outer mission? does he think there are more italian-americans in new britain, connecticut, than san francisco, california? what in the hell is he talking about? it's like he just came from the moon or something. this guy is a san francisco writer? what gives, ced?
Winky, Sandalow is a hack. Of course, it will get worst if the Dems regain control of the house. I'm sure he'll find again his journalistic instincts to attack them, those he put in moth balls 6 years ago.

I have a performance at Noh space in the project Artaud on the 17th, I'll probably stop by to listen to you afterwards.
cool - what's going on at artaud that nite?
The NOH space is a small theater in the basement of artaud. There's a french theater performance there. Should finish early enough to catch your 2nd set.
Just found your blog, because I've gotten fed up with Mark Sandalow and his constant anti-Demo spin. I swear, Bush could eat babies and his headline would be "Democrats attack noble President with possibly baseless charges"
How did he even get his job?
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