Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Mercredi, c'est ravioli. 

Is the Westfield mall the new Ferry building?

Meredith answers the question slamming her fist on the table: you bet!

And she'll eat there as many times as she likes. Indeed, it is a short walk from the SF Weekly office, ideal for a lunch break, and there is a bart station in the bowels of the mall, so she can hop from the East bay, eat dinner there, be back on time for a favorite TV shows, and NEVER see the city. Her convenience trumps our food education, never forget that. An unpaid blogger will travel more to review places than she does.

So let's brace ourselves for reviews of Straits, or the new Slanted Door offspring or whatever place is opening in there. Meredith found a bone, and she'll gnaw it till the end.

The saddest part is that: her return in the mall food court is the best part of the review, before she goes with her nephew (Ben, the new Chester) to TGIF.


The conclusion of her review --and it is not intentionally ironic, she is earnest that way-- is that 'wichcraft is a better place than TGIF.

Meredith: there is a reason why there is no TGIF in San Francisco (she visits the one in Union City, wherever that is, but she duly notes that the closest one from SF is in San Bruno), and that's the same reason why a review of it does not belong in the SF Weekly!


wow... that's the absolute worst. you start to think she can't possibly set the bar any lower, and then... compare and contrast to reidinger's article in the BG about the salvadoran joint way out on 3rd. meredith probably doesn't even own a map that shows where 3rd street is.

well, guess i'll go over to comics curmudgeon and watch them dissect mary worth. much less depressing than meredith.
Will we have a new time unit -- The Meredith Westfield Orbit?
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