Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Mercredi, c'est ravioli. 

Two weeks ago, we conjectured that Meredith Brody would visit the Westfield Mall a gazillion time (it was then her second visit in as many months):

[S]he'll eat there as many times as she likes. Indeed, it is a short walk from the SF Weekly office, ideal for a lunch break, and there is a bart station in the bowels of the mall, so she can hop from the East bay, eat dinner there, be back on time for a favorite TV shows, and NEVER see the city. Her convenience trumps our food education, never forget that. An unpaid blogger will travel more to review places than she does.

So let's brace ourselves for reviews of Straits, or the new Slanted Door offspring or whatever place is opening in there. Meredith found a bone, and she'll gnaw it till the end.

So we were shocked when last week, she did not return to the Mall, but instead wrote a decent review of a place on Bernal western slope (she had never been near Bernal Heights in the past, a neighborhood she'd ignored worst than the Sunset, if that is even possible).

We even took the bet she would get back to the Mall before the end of the year:

Which means that: next week, she'll review "Out the door" at the westfield mall. Actually, we are taking the over/under on this. I say she reviews the place before the end of the year.

So guess where she ends up this week? You betcha! The Westfield Mall!

We lose our bet, since she visits not Out the Door, but Zazil, a place she'd rip if it did not serve her some langoustine on her second visit. Nothing like a little lobster to make Meredith feel better, ain't it?


sure, it's easy to criticize meredith for going back to the mall, but in all fairness... where the hell else can you find mexican food in san francisco but in a downtown mall?
Winky, point taken. Indeed, with the bart station right in the mall, where else east bay people can find mexican food so convenient?
off the top of my head, the only other mexican restaurant i can think of in san francisco is la rondalla, where it's always christmas (and the cuisine is authentic mexican hospital food).
I never paid attention to Meredith Brody until I started reading Le Blog. I am now enlightened.

Ced, You have often chastized Meredith for her bad French; her Spanish is just as bad! For example:

- Twice she uses "mesa", instead of of "masa. " Masa harina is the corn flour used for both corn tortillas and tamales (or tamals as the trendos prefer to call them.)

- "Axiote" is usually spelled "achiote." Maybe she got this from the menu - but, well, you know her better than I do. I suspect that she has no idea what achiote should taste like. (It's pretty mild.)

- She totally biffs "cangrejo" or crab, spelling it "canegro". I'm not gonna even say what that sounds like.

- Ant Fan

P.S. to Ced: What is difference between langoustine and lobster?)
Winky: but you are forgetting that other excellent and very unique San Francisco Mexican restaurant: Chevy's, where the food is always baja fresh.

Ant Fan: I think a langoustine is a smaller variety of lobster, or a larger shrimp.
...Indeed, with the bart station right in the mall, where else east bay people can find mexican food so convenient?

# posted by cedichou : 6:21 PM

Hi, I'm one of those bridge and tunnel monkies who is glued to the front seat of my RAV-4 and who drools uncontrollably at the smell of Starbucks, Quiznos and Bed/Bath/& Beyond. I never go to San Francisco because I am afraid of all the real hardcore people who live there, like the Mission hipsters with their fixed gear bikes, the Marina riot grrlz with their razor sharp french manicures, and of course, THE PREDATORY GAYS. There is a decent world outside the 7 x 7 sq. mile area known as San Fran-I-Love-The-Smell-Of-My-Farts-Cisco. Come over to my side and grab a taco or bahn mi with me on International Ave., if you dare :-)
Celeste: sure, I'm up for a taco. There nothing like refried beans to spice up the smell of the farts. Just let me know where/when!
Hee! Hmmm- whatcha doing on Th. Dec 28? I have to admit that its been a while since I've frequented Fruitvale (been too busy eating at P.F. Chang's in Walnut Creek), but I would be up for a bart/bike trek to get post-Xmass tamales.
Out of town on Dec. 28. Back in Jan 2nd, until Jan 6th. I might have to go to Berkeley campus one of these days. Would that work?
Well, as luck would have it, the 2nd-6th doesn't work for me. Anytime later would. argh- those tamales! Well, at least I have Livermore Quiznos to keep me happy between now and then. :-)
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