Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Chron: Alone In Spreading Republican Lies. 

Regarding TourkGate, the Chron quoted a GOP operative stating that "the only person that is hurt more than Newsom is Nancy Pelosi." Yep, Nancy, who has absolutely nothing to do with this, is hurting more than Newsom, and more than Alex Tourk. Yeah, right. The Chron also quotes Fox News as questioning Pelosi's ability to lead after Newsom's affair.

I had an email exchange with the journalist writing the article, asking her (politely) to explain the connection between Pelosi and this story. She did spend the time to reply and explain in details that it was not a big part of the article, but yes, it was legitimate to discuss Pelosi.

Eve Batey, my dear former editor at SFist (Hi, Eve! You forgot my coverage of the coverage of the affair!), compiled a list of reactions to TourkGate in the major newspapers around the country.

# AP: San Francisco Mayor Admits Affair and S.F. Mayor Apologizes for Affair.
# LA Times: San Francisco mayor admits affair
# Time: The Scandal of San Francisco
# Chicago Tribune: San Francisco abuzz over mayor's affair.
# MS NBC: Mayor apologizes for affair with manager's wife

You would assume that the implication of the House Speaker in this scandal --the part which is not specifically SF-centric but involves national politics-- would be covered by these organizations, if it is such a legitimate issue. So I checked.

I even had to register to the Tribune to Control-F "pelosi" in all these articles, but, ta-dah, I got absolutely zero returns. Nothing. The LA Times, Time, MSNBC, the Chicago Tribune, the AP, not one from the whole list, sees a connection from Newsom to Pelosi! Of all these news outlets, only the Chron will quote a paid GOP operative to dirty Pelosi! Only the Chron will spread baseless Republican talking points.

It's a good thing the Chron hired Eve for the on-line pages, because the print edition cannot be trusted and is not worth reading.

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Ced! I blame my feed reader, which didn't alert me to your blog updates until just this morning, in one fell swoop. You will be added straight away!

Eve, thanks so much, I can't wait to read your coverage of my coverage of the Chron inital coverage of the initial affair!
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