Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Mercredi, c'est Ravioli. 

Meredith returns to the Westfield mall food court. For the fourth time in 3 months.

She has been once to the Sunset in 4 years.

Oh, Seamus, where art thou?

She writes: The most important component to me of a restaurant is its food, more than its location, decor, or service....I'll seek out deliciousness off the beaten track, whether or not the setting is luxurious and the help well trained.

When Meredith pens an ode to San Francisco food diversity, we know she'll
go to an Italian restaurant in the Marina
. So when she insists on her willingness to travel this week, it is obvious she'll end up at the place just in between the SF Weekly office and the BART station on the way back home in the East bay.

She'll seek out deliciousness anywhere, provided there is easy access and a movie theater nearby, which makes the Ferry Building (SF Weekly office nearby in SOMA, embarcadero movie theater, embarcadero bart station) or the Westfield mall (SOMA, Metreon movie, powell st station) the odds on favorite for repeat visits. She is an adventurous foodie, the same way she feels adventurous crossing an empty street against a "don't walk" sign. Her hunting for food knows no boundaries, except she has to catch BART by 6:30pm to catch Top Chef on TV.

I refuse to read any further Westfield review from Meredith, even if Joel Robuchon opens an Atelier or Ferran Adrian moves his el bulli there. If she wrote something stupid in that review (most likely not an "if" but a "where") feel free to highlight in comments.

Perhaps her copy editor isn't reading today's review, either. Meredith uses "sooths" and describes something as "strewed". And I can't believe anyone would ask for a doggy bag for butterscotch pudding.
i wasn't going to bother reading it, but then routine got the better of me and ... well, what more is there to say, really. meredith will just continue on being meredith, this blog or a thousand other blogs like it notwithstanding. i will say, however, that if she just sticks to writing about food she's pretty good -- i mean, she IS passionate about food, it comes across in her writing loud and clear.

she needs someone to take her by the hand and lead her around the san francisco neighborhoods, running interference if her attention is diverted for a nanosecond by a movie theater or a rude waiter or a giant mound of PIG CANDY...
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