Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Mercredi, c'est Ravioli. 

Meredith scores a hat-trick: a third consecutive readable review. I am speechless.

nice to give some props to annie gingrass (she was the first chef at hawthorne lane) - the sandwiches from her tiny presidio cafe were the best in the whole damn bay area.
Winky: doesn't it feel weird to give some props to Meredith too? Is the world about to end?
i notice she's stopped using "I" except for simple declaratory sentences directly related to the task at hand, i.e. reviewing restaurants. this is the secret to her recent string of successes. perhaps she has finally realized that SHE is not interesting to the reader, THE RESTAURANT is. (or her editor realized it for her).
I have to admit: I'm a little worried about you. Whatever will you do if M continues to improve? Here's hoping that it's just a phase...

I appreciate the concern, but I would be happy to read good reviews! If anything, I'll shamelessly take credit for her turn around! I won't miss the irritating movie reviews, but I will miss the unintentionally funny ones.
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