Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Mercredi, c'est Ravioli. 

Meredith orders lobster, and does not even mention her mother! She is being coy, now, isn't it.
Our second dinner falls on a Tuesday, and I drop my two pals off as I search for parking.

Come on, "pals?" That's mom and pop! They carpooled, family style, to partake in the lobster. You betcha.

Meredith ordered the lobster twice. You want to know why? [P]artly because, at $22, it's not only almost twice the price of the other first courses, but several dollars more than the most expensive second (sea bass, at $19).

Because it's conspicuous. If Spork had charged $40 for the lobster, she would have ordered it even faster! It would have been twice as much as the second most expensive! Three times the other first courses! Doesn't that tidbit make you salivate? Mmm, I'm eating money.

This woman has completely put me off lobster for the rest of my life. I'm sick of it now, and I haven't even actually eaten any in years.
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