Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mercredi, c'est ravioli. 

Will we have another helping of ravioli in two weeks? Does this review qualify as a non-stinker?

It really depends on your definition. The boring personal life of the author does not hijack the review, so that's not bad. On the other hand, it's yet another fancy pantsy Italian restaurant, walking distance from the ferry building, union square or the westfield mall. So it is readable because it's focused on the restaurant and the food, but I stopped reading it midway because: if there is one thing I don't need to know in this city, it's where to find another chichi Italian restaurant.

Oh well, benefit of the doubt is granted. One more non-stinker, and we're ravioli free.

c'mon ced, you can't bow out just yet. not when she delivers a line like this:

My favorite recent trend is that of offering wonderful artisanal salumi assortments, and Ducca's is terrific.

it's just that kind of stuck-up nonsense we love meredith for. "my favorite recent trend"... jeez, doesn't that just get your goat??
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