Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Mercredi, c'est Ravioli. 

This week, Meredith is locavoracious, a neologism she coined with her sure grasp of the language: you can bet it will stick. Not.

This week, Meredith features local cuisine, and food grown within 100 miles of where it's consumed.
I know in my heart and mouth that what so-called locavores — those who want us to eat what's been grown and raised within a 100-mile radius of where we live — profess is in many ways, not least taste, the best cuisine.

She'll make exception, she says, for things that have no local equivalent. Maine lobster, pepper, banana, truffle. Fair enough.

But was it 3 month ago that Hime was such a great restaurant because all their fish is flown in from Japan?

Mackerel from the Monterey Bay, yuck, what an heresy! Dontcha you know ANA Flight NH008 direct from Narita can bring you saba all the way from Tsukigi fish market daily?

Well, that's what Meredith was saying at the time. She's locavore, oops, locavoracious "in her heart and mouth" this week, but it's only convenient posturing. Why should you believe in what she writes, if she does not?

Locavoracious really takes the cake. Worthy of a painting! It makes me cringe.
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