Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Mercredi, c'est ravioli. 

It does not seem to bother Meredith that her beef this week is flown in from Australia. After all, it's not as if she was praising efforts to eat local only a month ago.

Meredith describes the restaurant she checks out as "uniformly overthought and overwrought," and it's the pot calling the kettle black: if anyone can lay claim to overwrought writing, that's Meredith.

You want overwrought? Check this out:

The brightly lit Caltrain station across the street looked like a piece of modern art, as sleek as a Calatrava, as I walked toward South on a damp, cold end-of-2007 night.





The similarities are stunning.

And overthought?

And, thanks to my friend Dan Philips of www.gratefulpalate.com, I was aware of the delights of Australian wines when most oenophiles were joking about them as more suitable for hand-to-hand combat than for food.

You do hand-to-hand combat with wine? How does that work, you stain your opponent's favorite shirt and he goes home crying?

Meredith went to South on a cold and damp (and dark and chilly! she forgot dark and chilly!) night at the end of 2007, so maybe, just maybe, 2008 will be better.

[update: ah, hand-to-hand combats, now I get it, thanks to Anonymous in comments. In my defense, it's a Monty Python skit from 1972, so it's a reference from a different generation.]

to be fair, the hand to hand combat is a monty python reference.
how does her comment make any sense, unless she was reading blogs on the internet in 1972? because by the time there were such things as blogs and the internet, everybody and their mother knew about good australian wines.
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