Friday, February 22, 2008

The Balance According to Bronstein. 

We cannot resist another episode of The Balance According to Bronstein.

To recap: Phil Bronstein, upon leaving is editor position at the Chron, interviewed on KQED, is asked: why don't you have a liberal voice in your opinion section to counter-balance the blood-thirsty arch-conservative shrieks of Debra Iraq Forever Saunders. To which Phil replied: but we do, but we do! Jon Carroll!

So what did Jon Carroll and Debra Saunders write today:

The NY Times sucks!

Jon Carroll, in a column making fun of phony plagiarism accusations: The New York Times ran a handy chart so we could see how rampant this plagiarism is. The first example: On Oct. 6, 2007, Obama said: "Fired up! Ready to go!" On Jan. 8, 2008, Clinton said: "We are fired up and we are ready to go." On Feb. 12, McCain said, "I am fired up and ready to go!"

Debra Saunders: Evidence of McCain's affair with a lobbyist might turn up. Even then, the Gray Lady's reputation will suffer, because the New York Times, not John McCain, has become the story.

Or nothing new will come forward and the public will have every reason to believe that the New York Times and copycat media smeared McCain....

The paper set out to shine a spotlight on McCain's ethics, but it ended up turning a harsh light on its own ethical lapses.

Do Debra and Jon cancel each other out? Debra screams "bad liberal media" and Jon snarks "silly, silly media." Of course, if you look at the Chron, were politics is covered by Drudge fan-girl Carla Marinucci and Carolyn The Surge is Working, Social Security is Bankrupt Lochhead, as Republican a tag team as you'll ever find, you see that both Debra and Jon got it wrong. The SF media ain't liberal, and it ain't silly.

But Bronstein was full of shit.

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