Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mercredi, c'est Ravioli. 

It's the little victories which keep us reading Meredith. It's quite inconsequential in the big scheme of things, but today, Meredith does not refer to the miso-glazed cod as "fusion-inspired."

Other little victories: a whole review dedicated to one Japanese restaurant (we believe it's unheard of), a restaurant in a bart-free, scenic-free part of town (the area is almost tourist-free, but they're rather unavoidable at Yoshi's).

We're puzzled by this statement: And a too-soft, too-bland panko monkfish sauté disappears from the palate as I'm eating it, despite a poached egg alongside topped with soy-and-Meyer-lemon sauce. If the food disappears, that should be a good thing, right? Maybe she means it's too soft, but then how can a poached egg or a sauce help?

We'll give it a B+ for effort nonetheless.

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