Monday, July 27, 2009

The Chron Scores! 

The Chron had two articles on Gavin Newsom, tackling a "problem": does Gavin lies to us, or does he just stretch the truth? Actually, the articles studied the "question," and failed to come up with demonstrative evidence. I mean, they get quote from Supervisors who sponsored the SF Healthcare measure and feel Gavin is taking too much credit. But that's hardly an indictment, just read the articles for yourself.

Anyhow, the point of the articles was not to prove that Gavin exaggerate, it was just to put the notion into the discourse. "Even the liberal SF Chronicle investigated claims of exaggeration by Gavin Newsom..." will we hear, again and again. We won't hear that they came up empty.

But the wheels are in motion:

What's more, and this is just delicious speculation from savvy media players, Gavin might have had Jaye "resign" after two recent Chron stories basically exposed Newsom as a fibber.

Brock is of course being provocative, and that's his job. But for the Chron, it's GOOOOOAAAAAAL! They created a hit on Newsom out of thin air, and they will sit back and watch it bounce around.

That's my JOB? No.
Ok. What should I say then?
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