Monday, November 16, 2009

If there was any doubt Phil Bronstein is a Republican... 

In today's Phil Bronstein's column:

Sure enough, [Obama] lured us in with his charm, his looks, his intensity and a certain languid but magnetic sense of power. Since then, he's wanted to tax and spend us dry while injecting his own federalist serum into our veins.

Obama has wanted to "tax and spend us dry"? Phil sure sounds like Sarah Palin, doesn't he?

In the real world, Obama has passed the America Re-investment and Recovery Act, which is the quicketst and broadest tax cut ever.

As far as spending, yes, Obama has to spend to get the economy stimulated thanks to the sucky economy left behind by Bronstein's darling, George W. Bush.

Taxes and big government can look appealing to some, but will it end up killing us?

Well, we try the opposite, tax cuts and small government for the last eight years, but obviously Phil was asleep during that decade. So he missed the results of that. Phil: it did not "kill us," but we're still mopping that mess. Maybe if you read the news, you'd have known about that.

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