Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Phil Bronstein's Pearls of Wisdom. 

Phil Bronstein delivers his weekly pearls of wisdom. This week, it can be summed up as:

"The world is a complex place, and a black-and-white approach is too simplistic, you need nuance."

"Nuanced" is Phil's new motto. His word of 2010.

Here for instance, 'nuanced' means I don't know jack-shit about the story, but it won't stop me from conjecturing:
Why did David Goldman's wife take their son back to Brazil five years ago, however illegal it was? Were all the Brazilians wearing the black hats in this high noon stand-off? Is the step-dad just a tom cat tough with big political connections, or is there some back story that's more nuanced?

But back to this week, talking about the Prop 8 judge: In fact, gay and lesbian officials get elected all over the country - Houston, Detroit, Chapel Hill, N.C., St. Petersburg, Fla. That's because, noisy demonstrations aside, voters don't like to have their opinions dictated by laws. Most voters are more understanding of other individuals and know that people's real lives are more nuanced.

So voters don't want laws, like Prop 8, dictating their opinion about gay marriage. And most voters are understanding of other individuals, gay or not. Except they made Prop 8 the law by voting for it. Phil does not make sense! makes a complicated and nuanced argument that's beyond our grasp.

Also, about Mark Sanford: ...his long-suffering wife just made her own admission: The South Carolina governor told her up front that he didn't want fidelity to be part of their wedding vows. That's a distinctly more adult reality than the original cartoonish Sanford tale of good and evil.

See? It's more complicated, it's not cartoonish. Except that: the issue with Sanford was not that his wife condoned infidelity (she is seeking a divorce, by the way, it's more "nuanced" than Phil says), it was that he lied to the people he represents that he was hiking on the Appalachian trail while having a tryst in Argentina. It's the cover up that got him in trouble.

But yeah, the nuance is lost on Phil.

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