Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Phil, Master of the Inconsequential 

When Phil tackles heady subjects, he punts. It's nuanced, it's complex, I won't take any side because its all oh so confusing for me.

But the alternative is this:

Pope Benedict could learn some media manners from Meg Whitman

Basically, Bronstein congratulates Meg Whitman for her strategy of avoiding the media.

"There's no good reason ... to avoid meaningful dialogue" with the press, said the state Republican vice chair, Jon Fleischman.

Oh, yeah? A week later, Whitman had taken a huge lead over her primary rival and had even edged ahead of the wily, mature Jerry Brown.

The message: Don't fight the press. Just ignore us.

Phil is an admirer of the Sarah Palinization of politics; it pays off not to engage into a public policy debate.

That's how we got Schwarzenegger, who announced his candidacy on Jay Leno and avoided debate on substance. "We'll blow up the boxes" was his policy statement.

We might get Whitman, and we won't know who she is. Not that it bothers Phil. Au contraire.

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