Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bronstein's Short and Selective Memory. 

On Wednesday, Bronstein asks if Al Gore really tried to rape someone, based on no substantiated evidence whatsoever (except Bronstein's belief that the National Enquirer is Pulitzer worthy, blind trust and all).

On Friday, an anti-gay pastor is outed by Lavander magazine, and Bronstein puts out concerns that it might have been unethical, since the journalist abused a 12 step program with an expectation of privacy for the participants to solve his investigation.

So we sum up: journalistic ethics apply only to protect the privacy of Republican bigots.

Also: yesterday, the Post let go liberal commentator Dave Weigel based on semi-private emails. Phil Bronstein does not write a peep, because SCORE!1!!, it's ONE LESS LIBERAL in the media!

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