Thursday, June 10, 2010

What will Phil do if a Republican makes a really stupid comment? 

He will try to legitimize it of course.

Some Republican said that ended Don't Ask, Don't Tell and allowing gay to serve in the military is a bad thing because "What do mommies and daddies say to their 7-year-old child?"

Well, seven year old don't give a rat's ass about DADT and the gay and the military (they do think soldiers are cool, though). And that should be the END of the line of reasoning.

But Phil's job is not to have common sense, it's to make Republican look good, so he's asking his readers to react to the question. Says Phil:

What do you think? Will families have to have the birds-and-the-birds talk if gays serve openly? Should families be "forced" to explain what homosexuality is to their kids? Do you think kids know what DADT is? Do seven-year-olds already know what "gay" is? When is the right time to discuss this? If you've already dealt with questions from your kids on this, how did you handle it?

This is the modern media for you, no matter how insane the Republicans become, they have to be treated legitimately, and their insane opinions discussed with respect.

[update: and he FAILS! In his summary of the readers' opinion, Phil has to (implicitly) admit the premise of the question is stupid (or put it differently, kids are smarter than he is).

Almost all of you agree that repealing DADT would hardly force families to teach their kids about homosexuality.

This makes actually for a decent blog post to read.]

OMFG. That is all.
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