Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Why Phil Bronstein Hates Al Gore. 

Phil takes another jab at Al Gore in this week's column (following up on his gleeful gloating repeating some as-of-yet-unsubstantiated rumor).

ReputationDefender...won't take on clients guilty of provable, violent crimes...[but says the company:] "We don't do a lot of due diligence on marital infidelity." Good news for Al Gore.

It is interesting to understand why Phil Bronstein would try to put down someone who is not running for office and is only in the public eye for trying to save the planet from climate change.

Two reasons I can think of: one is that Al Gore was VP of Bill Clinton, and Phil still obsesses about the 90s.

The other reason is that Al Gore looked at the Phil Bronsteins of the world in 2000, and rightly, decided that if he were to be successful in communicating about climate change, he would have to go around them. There is very telling slide in the Inconvenient Truth which shows on one side, the scientific consensus: 1,000s of peer reviewed publications on the topic, NOT A SINGLE ONE arguing against global warming being man-made. On the other side, the mainstream media, where BOTH SIDES OF THE POSITIONS were equally represented. And the Chronicle, as lead by Bronstein at the time (and still now) is an active proponent of a 'balanced' he-said-she-said view of the world.

So Al Gore understood that newspapers had abdicated on speaking the truth, that they would not do what is right, and that they were gutless. Phil Bronstein saw somebody take the principled stand Phil should have taken if he had any spine, and he hates Al for that, and will heap scorn on him at every occasion.

So the private life of Al Gore (which is it, unless he's proven of sexual assault) becomes fodder for jokes. Bring down the man who took the high road from a bitter, petty, jealous character assassin...

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