Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Phil Bronstein: More Offensive, Less Relevant than ever. 

I had not read Phil Bronstein in a while, his juvenile antics being so tiring (and tired). And that was wise. Look what he came up with today:

He needed some rock in that pipe of his youth. If he'd had a crack addiction then instead of an effete taste for powdered cocaine and pot, people might be a little more respectful of him now. It would have been an even tougher journey to the top. The big dog bite needs teeth sharpened by real adversity.


The question came up about Kerry's haute, silk-stocking image [during the 2004 campaign]: "Should he have gone to Disneyland for vacation instead of skiing at Sun Valley?"

If you had to ask, it was already too late. Of course Kerry got monster-trucked by GW Bush and voters who thought the Sun Valley patrician lacked the capacity for understanding real people.

Today Obama has a Kerry problem. Or a Dukakis tank problem. Maybe it's a Democrat problem. What happened to the of-the-people party?

Phil is writing this on the days when the Republican are defending tooth and nails for extending unaffordable tax cuts on the wealthiest of the wealthiest. That must be them, the "of-the-people party."

By the way, do you wonder why Phil keeps bashing Obama? Hint: Phil is putting on the market a $2.4 million house. Phil is a greedy selfish jerk, and he wants his Bush tax cuts extended. That's all.

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