Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Phil Knows One Thing About Irrelevance. 

Phil Bronstein warns CNN:
But as CNN advertises its "objectivity" in the face of stiff competition from blatantly polarized and more popular cable networks, it risks stepping onto a different slippery slope: irrelevant circus act.

Of course, Phil ran the Chron into irrelevance, so he knows what he's talking about. That's assuming he learned anything along the way, any evidence of which we have yet to unearth.

While academics, journalists and critics argue about objective angels on the head of a pin - Professor Jay Rosen calls it "the view from nowhere" - the last cable outlet that touts its lack of bias is sinking in a sea of false distinction.

Most legacy journalism outlets are wrestling with this bias issue. But does anyone really know the difference between opinions, conclusions, analysis, attitude, point of view or personality? Do TV news viewers care?

Do newspaper ready care? Because Bronstein, as editor of the Chron, brought a Fox-lite, Republican-friendly bias to his paper, and ran the paper to the ground (and himself to the sidelines).

But you have to admire the hypocrisy of a guy who one day sits on the meetings of the center of investigative reporting, parading as a paragon of independence, proudly claiming he is registered independent, and the next ridicules the effort of those who try to be true to the ethics of the profession.

It's obvious that the only problem Phil has with CNN is that it's not Republican-friendly enough. But how ridiculous is it to see Phil from his sinking Chron ship tell CNN to go away?

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